April 7, 2017

Why Us?

Why Anand IT Solution is Different?





  • There is a need of new techo-functional expertise to build and maintain digital solutions across industries.
  • Legacy software with old techniques are major pain areas for industries.
  • Total Cost of ownership is high, also post sales service segment is fragile in India.
  • There is no progress in automated data acquisition which creates an urge for IoT techniques.
  • Anand IT Solutions will built unique tools and techniques with the guidance of industry experts.
  • Anand IT Solutions will develop scalable and modular solutions with latest technologies.
  • Anand IT Solutions team will establish online delivery, remote support and maintenance model for such solutions thereby reducing the TCO.
  • Anand IT Solutions services will include IoT, AI and cloud based solutions to serve the upcoming market.
  • Indian IT market niche market with huge potential, very less market risk and wide opportunity.
  • Many untapped industries like rail, mechanical, infrastructure, power and defence etc. have tremendous growth opportunities.
  • The awareness for digitalization is growing rapidly in India.


“Keeping us ahead in race”

Regular upgrades to meet upcoming technology trends.
Dynamic pricing model to suit organization of any sizeStrong team of domain experts and technology specialists on advisory panel.
Strong process driven development and delivery model. Use Agile methodology for delivery planning and execution.
SaaS model will further enhance the package customization for the end user especially the smaller organizations.
Technical acceptance from Industry expert.
Quick response remote support and delivery mechanism.
Lowest total cost of ownership due to low training and maintenance costs.
Local companies from various region will benefit and will join hands in distribution and support.
E-learning support for training will be provided for all kind of solutions.
With a proven model to evaluate the scope of implementation, we have achieved fastest response to RFQ.
We keep our values intact to replaced worlds approach towards technology us and will follow competitive edge in terms of technology and pricing.
Minimum dependency on developer for product configuration.
Tested return on investment based on the live experiences from existing customers.
Research on building latest technologies like IoT, AI and Machine learning, will support to on going business.
Architecture that supports exception handling flexibly.
Adoption of SaaS model for the upcoming market needs.
Upcoming version to support seamless interfacing with SAP and other third party ERPs.